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Harris County Local Elections

The political races listed on this page cover part or all of Harris County, Texas.
For races that cover all of Texas, please visit the Statewide Races page.


November 3, 2015 Local Elections

Following are the local races on the ballot for the November 3, 2015 Local Elections in Harris County, Texas. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Not all races will appear on all ballots. To view your specific sample ballot, please visit the Harris County Elections Office website.

(i) denotes incumbent.

Websites were located by internet searches. If you are a candidate and would like to add your website, please send it to us. We do not endorse any candidates.

Thank you for voting!


Houston Community College | Houston ISD | City of Houston

Houston Community College (HCC) Elections
Board of Trustees, District III
Florida "Flo" Cooper
Adriana Tamez (i)
Board of Trustees, District IV
Carolyn Evans-Shabazz (i)
Board of Trustees, District VI
John P Hansen
Board of Trustees, District VIII
Art Aguilar
Eva Loredo (i)
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Houston ISD Elections
Board of Trustees, District II
Dr Youlette Jayne "Baby Jane" McCullough
Rhonda Skillern-Jones (i)
Darlene "Koffey" Smith
Larry Williams
Board of Trustees, District III
Ramiro Fonseca
Jose Leal
Manuel Rodriguez (i)
Board of Trustees, District IV
Davetta Daniels
Jolanda Jones
Dr Ann McCoy
Larry McKinzie
Board of Trustees, District VIII
Diana Davila
Juliet Stipeche (i)
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City of Houston Elections
Chris Bell
Steve Costello
Joe Ferreira
Adrian Garcia
Ben Hall
Bill King
Victoria A Lane
Marty McVey
Rafael Muñoz Jr
Hoc Thai Nguyen
Demetria Smith
Dale Steffes
Sylvester Turner
City Council District A
Iesheia Ayers-Wilson
Brenda Stardig (i)
City Council District B
Jerry Davis (i)
Vince Duncan
Isaac Mayhorn
Kenneth "KP" Perkins
Ben White Jr
City Council District C
Ellen R Cohen (i)
Carl Jarvis
Michael McDonald
City Council District D
Dwight A Boykins (i)
City Council District E
Dave Martin (i)
City Council District F
Kendall L Baker
Steve Le
Richard Nguyen (i)
City Council District G
Sandie Mullins Moger
Greg Travis
City Council District H
Roland M Chavez
Karla Cisneros
Jason Cisneroz
Abel Davila
City Council District I
Robert Gallegos (i)
Herlinda Garcia
City Council District J
Manny Barrera
Jim Bigham
Mike Laster (i)
Dung Le
City Council District K
Larry Green (i)
City Council At-Large Position 1
M "Griff" Griffin
Mike Knox
Lane Lewis
Tom McCasland
Chris Oliver
James Partsch-Galván
Jenifer Rene Pool
Georgia Provost
City Council At-Large Position 2
Andrew C Burks Jr
Willie R Davis
Eric Dick
Moe Rivera
David W Robinson (i)
City Council At-Large Position 3
Michael Kubosh (i)
John Christian Bullitt LaRue
Joseph McElligott
Doug Peterson
City Council At-Large Position 4
Larry Blackmon
Amanda Edwards
Jonathan Hansen
Roy Morales
Matt Murphy
Laurie Robinson
Evelyn Husband Thompson
City Council At-Large Position 5
J Brad Batteau
Jack Christie (i)
Sharon Moses
Philippe Nassif
Jew Don Boney
Chris B Brown
Bill Frazer
Dwight Jefferson
MJ Khan
Carroll G Robinson

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