Harris County Local Elections

November 8, 2016: General Election

Following are the local General Election races on the ballot for the November 8, 2016 Election in Harris County, Texas. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Not all races appear on all ballots. Races that cover all of Texas are listed on our Statewide Elections page. There may be additional elections going on in some of the individual political entities such as cities, school boards or utility districts. To view your specific sample ballot, please visit the Harris County Elections Office website.

Party Affiliation: D = Democrat, R = Republican, L = Libertarian, G = Green
(i) denotes incumbent

Websites were located by internet searches. If you are a candidate and would like your website added, please send it to us. We do not endorse any candidates or organizations. Thank you for voting!

2016 Local General Election Candidates

US Representative, District 2

Pat Bryan - D
Joshua Darr - G
Ted Poe (i) - R
James B Veasaw - L

US Representative, District 7

James Cargas - D
John Culberson (i) -R

US Representative, District 8

Kevin Brady (i) - R

US Representative, District 9

Al Green (i) - D
Jeff Martin - R

US Representative, District 10

Tawana W Cadien - D
Bill Kelsey - L
Michael T McCaul (i) - R

US Representative, District 18

Lori Bartley - R
Thomas Kleven - G
Sheila Jackson Lee (i) - D

US Representative, District 22

Mark Gibson - D
Pete Olson (i) - R

US Representative, District 29

Julio Garza - R
Gene Green (i) - D
James Partsch-Galvan - G
N Ruben Perez - L

US Representative, District 36

Brian Babin (i) - R
Hal J Ridley Jr - G

Member, State Board of Education, District 6

Donna Bahorich (i) - R
Whitney Bilyeu - L
R Dakota Carter - D

Member, State Board of Education, District 8

Barbara Cargill (i) - R

State Senator, District 4

Brandon Creighton (i) - R
Jenn West - L

State Senator, District 6

Sylvia R Garcia (i) - D

State Senator, District 11

Larry Taylor (i) - R

State Senator, District 13

Borris L Miles - D
Joshua Rohn - L

State Senator, District 18

Lois W Kolkhorst (i) - R
Kathie L Stone - L

State Representative, District 126

Joy Dawson-Thomas - D
Kevin Roberts - R
Eric B Moquin - L

State Representative, District 127

Scott Ford - L
Dan Huberty (i) - R
Joseph McElligott - G

State Representative, District 128

Briscoe Cain - R
Ken Lowder - L

State Representative, District 129

Dennis Paul (i) - R

State Representative, District 130

Tom Oliverson - R

State Representative, District 131

Alma A Allen (i) - D

State Representative, District 132

Phil Kurtz - L
Michael Schofield (i) - R

State Representative, District 133

Jim Murphy (i) - R

State Representative, District 134

Sarah Davis (i) - R
Ben Rose - D
Gilberto "Gil" Velasquez Jr - L

State Representative, District 135

Gary Elkins (i) - R
Jesse A Ybanez - D

State Representative, District 137

Kendall L Baker - R
Dan Biggs - L
Gene Wu (i) - D

State Representative, District 138

Dwayne Bohac (i) - R

State Representative, District 139

Jarvis D Johnson - D

State Representative, District 140

Armando Lucio Walle (i) - D

State Representative, District 141

Senfronia Thompson (i) - D

State Representative, District 142

Harold V Dutton Jr (i) - D

State Representative, District 143

Ana Hernandez (i) - D

State Representative, District 144

Gilbert Peña (i) - R
Mary Ann Perez - D

State Representative, District 145

Carol Alvarado (i) - D

State Representative, District 146

Shawn Thierry - D

State Representative, District 147

Garnet F Coleman (i) - D
Brian M Harrison - G
Matt Murphy - R

State Representative, District 148

Jessica Cristina Farrar (i) - D

State Representative, District 149

Bryan Chu - R
Hubert Vo (i) - D

State Representative, District 150

Michael Shawn Kelly - D
Valoree Swanson - R

Chief Justice, 1st Court of Appeals

Jim Peacock - D
Sherry Radack (i) - R

Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 4

Barbara Gardner - D
Evelyn Keyes (i) - R

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 2

Kevin Jewell - R
Candance White - D

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 9

Tracy Elizabeth Christopher (i) - R
Peter M Kelly - D

District Judge, 11th Judicial District

Kevin Fulton - R
Kristen Hawkins - D

District Judge, 61st Judicial District

Erin Elizabeth Lunceford (i) - R
Fredericka Phillips - D

District Judge, 80th Judicial District

Will Archer - R
Larry Weiman (i) - D

District Judge, 125th Judicial District

Kyle Carter (i) - D
Sharon Hemphill - R

District Judge, 127th Judicial District

RK Sandill (i) - D
Sarahjane Swanson - R

District Judge, 129th Judicial District

Michael Gomez (i) - D
Sophia Mafrige - R

District Judge, 133rd Judicial District

Jaclanel McFarland (i) - D
Cindy Bennett Smith - R

District Judge, 151st Judicial District

Mike Engelhart (i) - D
Jeff Hastings - R

District Judge, 152nd Judicial District

Robert K Schaffer (i) - D
Don Self - R

District Judge, 164th Judicial District

Bruce Bain - R
Alexandra Smoots-Hogan (i) - D

District Judge, 165th Judicial District

Ursula A Hall - D
Debra Ibarra Mayfield (i) - R

District Judge, 174th Judicial District

Hazel B Jones - D
Katherine McDaniel - R

District Judge, 176th Judicial District

Stacey W Bond (i) - R
Nikita "Niki" Harmon - D

District Judge, 177th Judicial District

Robert Johnson - D
Ryan Patrick (i) - R

District Judge, 178th Judicial District

Phil Gommels - R
Kelli Johnson - D

District Judge, 179th Judicial District

Kristin M Guiney (i) - R
Randy Roll - D

District Judge, 215th Judicial District

Elaine Palmer (i) - D
Fred Shuchart - R

District Judge, 333rd Judicial District

Joseph "Tad" Halbach (i) - R
Daryl Moore - D

District Judge, 334th Judicial District

Grant Dorfman (i) - R
Steven Kirkland - D

District Judge, 337th Judicial District

Renee Magee (i) - R
Herb Ritchie - D

District Judge, 338th Judicial District

Ramona Franklin - D
Brock Thomas (i) - R

District Judge, 339th Judicial District

Maria T "Terri" Jackson (i) - D
Mary McFaden - R

District Judge, 351st Judicial District

Mark Kent Ellis (i) - R
George Powell - D

District Judge, 507th Judicial District

Alyssa Lemkuil (i) - R
Julia Maldonado - D

County Civil Court at Law 1 (Unexpired)

George Barnstone - D
Clyde Raymond Leuchtag (i) - R

County Criminal Court 16

Linda Garcia (i) - R
Darrell William Jordan - D

District Attorney

Devon Anderson (i) - R
Kim Ogg - D

County Attorney

Jim Leitner - R
Vince Ryan (i)


Ed Gonzalez - D
Ron Hickman (i) - R

Tax Assessor-Collector

Ann Harris Bennett - D
Mike Sullivan (i) - R

County School Trustee, Position 1, Precinct 2

Sherrie L Matula - D
George Moore - R

County School Trustee, Position 2, Precinct 4

Marilyn Burgess - D
Eric Dick - R

County Commissioner, Pct 1

Rodney Ellis - D

County Commissioner, Pct 3

Jenifer Rene Pool - D
Steve Radack (i) - R

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1

Eric William Carter - D
SaraJane Milligan - R

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 1

Jo Ann Delgado (i) - D

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 1

Joe Stephens - D
Tom Zakes - R

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Place 1

Lincoln Goodwin (i) - R
Vicky Printers Reynolds - D

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 1

William "Bill" McLeod - D
Russ Ridgway (i) - R

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 6, Place 1

Richard C Vara (i) - D

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 7, Place 1

Hilary H Green (i) - D

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 8, Place 1

Holly Williamson (i) - R

Constable, Pct 1

Joe Danna - R
Alan Rosen (i) - D

Constable, Pct 2

Christopher "Chris" Diaz (i) - D
Daniel Vela - R

Constable, Pct 3

Sherman Eagleton - D
Dan Webb - R

Constable, Pct 4

Mark Herman (i) - R
Jeff McGowen - D

Constable, Pct 5

Ted Heap - R

Constable, Pct 6

Richard "Rick" Gonzales - R
Silvia Trevino - D

Constable, Pct 7

May Walker (i) - D

Constable, Pct 8

Heather Perry - D
Phil Sandlin (i) - R